A subsidiary of KJAER GROUP, MOTORCARE Uganda was founded in 1977, and became the authorised distributor of Nissan vehicles in Uganda in 1994, and is registered as MOTORCARE Uganda Limited.

In 2001 the Distributorship was renamed MOTORCARE Nissan Uganda Limited as part of KJAER GROUP corporate synergy programme active in more than 23 countries in Africa.

As the authorised and exclusive distributor of Nissan vehicles, MOTORCARE has a strong heritage in Uganda, bringing ‘Innovation that Excites’ with the assurance of quality, performance and reliability to a broad local audience.

Nissan vehicles are the product of global technology advancement, extensive research and development adapted for Uganda’s local climate and road conditions.

As accredited distributor of the world-renowned tyre brands, Continental Tyre and General Tire, MOTORCARE supplies the right tyre for every application; from passenger, light commercial vehicles through to heavy trucks, making driving an adventure everywhere.

MOTORCARE Nissan Uganda’s vision is to become the preferred automotive partner in Uganda, leading the way in supplying transport solutions, with full sales and after sales support across the country – offering top quality solutions and customer services.

In pursuit of this vision, all employees are guided by distinct values in determining the most appropriate course of actions in their daily operations.

MOTORCARE achieved a fully integrated ISO certification status of international standards in ISO9001; ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 – which cements MOTORCARE’s competitive advantage and commitment to meet customers’ highest expectations of providing high quality products and high standards of service, with consciousness of operational impact on the environment, and recognition for health and safety policies and practises.

MOTORCARE’s values include: professionalism, respect, honesty, reliability, living up to promises, dedication, excellence in product delivery, attention to customer care and aftersales service.

From start to finish, all operations are geared towards meeting customer needs with the highest attention paid to every detail; from routine maintenance, to repairs, to special customer requests.

MOTORCARE focuses on continuously expanding its portfolio of leading brands and expert services with a willingness to invest to meet the needs of industry, and the surrounding communities in which it operates.

MOTORCARE has complete one-stop-shop service and maintenance solution platforms, offering genuine parts, panel beating, tyres fitting and balancing, and windscreens service and repair.

Facilities are furnished with the latest technology and advanced equipment with quality workmanship performed by trained technicians offering the highest quality of service for a wide range of vehicles.

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MOTORCARE holds distributions rights in Mozambique and Uganda for Nissan vehicles, UD and Renault Trucks, Suzuki Motorcycles and Continental Tyres and General Tires.

MOTORCARE holds distributions rights in Sierra Leone for Ford vehicles.

Based on international standards and certifications, it is MOTORCARE’s value proposition to offer automotive solutions to businesses and individual customers close to their place of operation.

In addition to highest quality trucks, buses, light commercial and passenger vehicles,  parts and accessories and vehicle tyres customers are provided with a one-stop maintenance, service, panelshop services and fleet management solutions.

Through an extensive network of branches and service partners, customers are provided with quality aftersales services and are given access to the Group’s centre of operational excellence located in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Values – The Way We Work:

Professionalism: The competent way in which MOTORCARE employees conduct business, and how they interact with each other.

Respect: Mutual respect between colleagues, partners, customers and other stakeholders MOTORCARE interacts with, is fundamental to them.

Honesty: Reliable and living up to their promises.

Dedication: The success of every customer and partner is the key to MOTORCARE’s success.

Excellence in Product Delivery: MOTORCARE is a true automotive leader with strong alliances among global industry giants.

Attention to Customer Care and Aftersales Service: From start to finish, all operations are geared towards meeting customer needs with the highest attention paid to every detail; from routine maintenance, to repairs, to special customer requests.

ISO Certification

MOTORCARE achieved ISO certification of ISO9001; ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 international standards.

Compliance of standards has created a competitive advantage for MOTORCARE as many industries require ISO certification.

ISO 14001 Certification stipulates the standards to identify and control a company’s environmental impact and with this they can constantly improve on their performance on the environmental front.

ISO 9001 Quality management system ensuring the quality of products, services and documentation. Standardised customer service and the way in which customer requirements are met.

OHSAS 18001 an internationally recognised occupational, health and safety management system which requires a company to have appropriate health and safety standards,  policies and practices in place to operate safely.



KJAER GROUP was established in Denmark in 1962 by Christian Kjaer in Svendorg.

With over five decades of specialising in import, distribution and mobility solutions in more than 70 countries – KJAER GROUP employs around 400 people – and is represented in more than 23 countries in Africa since 1977.

KJAER GROUP signed up to United Nations’ Global Compact in November 2003, supporting its principals for sustainability, a cleaner environment, improving ethical and responsible business practises, and promoting

The KJAER GROUP holds a leading industry position in Mozambique, Uganda and Sierra Leone where it owns and operates vehicle distribution outlets, fully owned workshops and service facilities under the name MOTORCARE.

Globally, KJAER & KJAER and AUTO KJAER deliver vehicles, motorcycles, parts, accessories, insurances and finance solutions to customers in the International Aid and Development sector (NGOs, the UN, and the EU).

KJAER GROUP’s ambition and ‘Way of Management’ is to develop and steer the business in a profitable and responsible way (Triple Bottom Line: Profit, Planet, People), with the objective to pursue social and environmental goals in the same way as financial targets.

Most of KJAER GROUP’s entities are certified within Health, Safety Environment and Quality (ISO 14001 Environmental, ISO 9001 Quality, OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety) to cement the commitment to meet the customers’ highest expectations.

KJAER GROUP operates in Africa, since 1977, and is represented in more than 23 countries.

Caring for environment and people

KJAER GROUP signed up to United Nations’ Global Compact in November 2003. Since then we have publicly reaffirmed our commitment and our support of the ten principles.

Of special note is KJAER GROUP support for a cleaner environment by signing up to UN’s environmental initiative, Caring for the Climate.

The Global Compact and the ten principles provide a good framework for conducting our business according to high standards and communicating it to our stakeholders.

Thus our membership in the Global Compact and focus on the 2015 Millennium Development Goals are important frameworks for our activities

The General Manager of KJAER GROUP’S subsidiary MOTORCARE Mozambique is an active member of the steering committee in the local Global Compact network in Mozambique.

Represented by the General Manager of MOTORCARE Mozambique KJAER GROUP participated in the Global Compact and African Union Commission event called Africa’s Industrial Drive.

The objective with the business partner forum was to improve the environment for doing business in Africa and promote rapid and sustainable socio economic growth in Africa